Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Our girls on Easter afternoon after church and a nap....

...Earlier that morning.... The infamous Easter egg hunt.... Inside, of course, because it's raining as usual.

.....The day before at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt/carnival. Yes, it was raining, but nobody cared cause there was lots of candy and games to be played....

....And the day before that at the ward Easter egg hunt/picnic. Also indoors...

Happy Easter!!!

Misc. Pictures....

Okay everyone.......We are terrible at updating our blog. As you can see, it's been about 4 months (pathetic....I know), but we're attempting it now, so bear with us on the lack of organization and the weak photo comments. Here it is........well, some of random order.

This is Makenzie with her little German twin friends, Laura & Marie, from preschool. They have a little playdate together once a week & they love to dress up!

Makenzie being a good big sister and sharing her ice cream cone...
Gone too soon!

Kevin and I went to a rollerskating birthday party for Kamaile Heidi. It was a blast. Happy Birthday Kamaile!

Then to the Children's Museum in Seattle.....We forgot to take pictures on the actual fun stuff. Sorry girls.

With the twins at the park... They totally love each other & play great dispite the language barrier. Who needs to communicate anyway when you can just laugh, right?

Makenzie and Hailey in one of their "best friend" moments. I'm afraid best friends or enemies is their only relationship descriptions....besides sisters. They really do love each other & they're really cute together when they do.

Skiing in Washington

So, Kevin and I were finally able to go skiing..... Well, it wasn't exactly the dream ski trip we originally had planned... Let me explain... We had planned this fantastic long weekend ski trip to Utah, just Kevin & I along with another couple. We had our airline tickets purchased, hotels booked, ski resorts planned out, babysitting taken care of, bags actually packed the morning of departure, then........ I started having terrible stomach pain (3 days of it actually), so I finally decided to call the doctor in the morning, hoping he could just prescribe something to take care of it. Well, long story short, I ended up in surgery at Overlake Hospital an hour later. Turns out, my appendix was just about to burst, and I had to have it removed. So......there went our exciting ski trip...oh well. I'm fine now.

A couple weeks later, Kevin & I were finally able to go for a quick day to Alpental near by and then The Summit a week later. We still had a great time just being together despite the typical Washington snow (a combination of slush & icy patches). Not exactly the powder we were looking for, but we still had fun. There's always next year, right?!?

Crazy hair & other misc. pictures

Christmas 2008.....finally posted