Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trip to Utah for Kayli's Baptism

Wade, puting out the vibe at the train stop!!!

Potty Training

Whew....all that wiping sure makes a girl tired....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hailey's 1st Birthday!!!

Hailey just turned 1 on November 12th. She is 19 lbs. 4 oz. and 30 1/4 in. tall. She loves her blankie, nearly any food you can give her (and lots of it), and having her mama near by. She loves to play with her daddy, point to everything while babble-babbling, and watching and imitating everything that Makenzie does. She is so sweet, fun, and loving. We love having her in our family. :)
For her birthday, we had a little family birthday party for her with pizza, presents, and cake.......mmm.......cake!

Here's some of the family celebrating with us and enjoying some pizza.

Hailey's 1st gift was Porter the Puppy....super soft and cozy.

But she was so, so, so excited to get her little baby doll. She just adores it, and feeds it often. She is a true nurturer.

She also got the new Elmo Live from her Grandma & Grandpa Brown. She laughs and laughs everytime he talks, and yes, she likes to feed it too..... It's really cute.

She thoroughly enjoys tearing paper (usually important papers), so she thought it was pretty fun that she could tear up as much paper as she wanted and not get into trouble.

We got her the Porter the Puppy rocking dog. She loves it.

And Craig and Maria got her a cool walker/riding car that she is so proud of.

Makenzie loves to push her around in it..... She's only flown off the front once so far (Makenzie hit the edge of the rug a little too hard) and she survived and got back on..... so I think we're doing pretty well. She especially loves it when Kevin takes her for rides around the house practicing her "drifting" techniques. She's all smiles..... No fear!

In the end (before the cake) it was of course all about the boxes. Much more fun than any present.

She loves being 1!

Now it's time for what you've all been waiting for...... The infamous 1st birthday cake. Kevin and I made this one. Chocolate with chocolate....mmm!

She started off by taking real dainty little tastes.....

And then decided that she really likes it, and definitely needs some more.... lots more....

So she started digging in....

And thoroughly enjoyed every minute with it....mmmmmm........ chocolate!!!

She attempted to share, but no one was interested in her slobbery pile of birthday cake.

The final damage.........ending with a nice warm bath to finish the night....ahh.
She had so much fun at her 1st birthday party. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate. We love you, Hailey! Happy Birthday!!!