Sunday, November 30, 2008

Halloween 2008

This is Halloween at Kevin's work.... Kevin's an old school golfer, Makenzie is a princess bride, Hailey is a little chicken, and well, I'm just me (I'll work on it for next year).

Holidays are always a big deal in our neighborhood. They typically put together a big celebration carnival for each one.....and they go all out. There are rides, food, games, and lots of fun..... We really enjoy it. This is Hailey and I enjoying the Halloween festivities.

Makenzie got to ride on a pony.....

And we got to take home a few extra pumpkins for carving.

Can you tell which one Kevin carved???

Daddy loves his little chick.

Makenzie, all dressed up for some trick-or-treating.

It starts to get dark, so we begin....

Makenzie starts knocking.....

And we have lots of success.......... Headed home.

Hailey is not sure what to do with all of her new found treasures.

But it doesn't take her long to figure it out.

Makenzie has just struck gold and boy is she excited!...... This is my favorite picture of the night.

We love Halloween!!!

Our Extended Brown Family Pics

This is the Brown family, and, yes, this is actually the best picture we could get.....all the little girls were a bit cranky (hungry, tired, a bit over-stimulated, and forced to stay still and pose for pictures...not a good combination)..... Sorry girls.

Kevin & Trish (Us)

Bill & Carol (Kevin's parents)

Craig & Maria (Kevin's brother & his wife)

Jeff & Alex (Kevin's brother & his wife)

Times to remember :)

Horseback Riding - Giddy-Up!!!

Doesn't Kevin look dashingly handsome on a horse?.....wait.....he always looks dashingly handsome.....Ahhhhhh!!! :) .......sorry, I already lost my train of thought.....oh yeah.....

I took Kevin on a suprise adventure date, horseback riding up Tiger Mountain (near our home). Here's some pics from our little giddy-up....

There's me and my horse's you-know-what.

Our truly authentic trail guide.......a real cowboy.

We rode up to the top of Tiger Mountain, which is a famous spot for paragliding.......

And also because it has such an amazing view. This picture does it no justice...... Washington is so beautiful.

Kevin got to ride on a young energetic, well groomed horse........

...And I got the "Queen" as they called her .....a very, very old & bossy queen with wobbly knees. I'm actually a little impressed that she made it up those steep hills so easily. Apparently, she starred in a few movies a while ago. I think she should retire......look how tired she is :(

Thanks Kevin for going along on another suprise date with me..... I had a lot of fun. Yee Haw!! Love, Love :)

Fun Times with the Brown Families

Makenzie started off by playing dress-up with her cousin, Jennah.

The next day we went to Woodland Park Zoo.... Kevin & Hailey still seem to be a bit sleepy.

Kevin's brother, Craig & Maria came along for the fun....... Cute Pic!

And Kevin's other brother, Jeff & Alex came up with their girls, Jennah & Isabella, from southern Oregon....Ahhhh....We miss them already :.(

Makenzie loves Jennah.... A little too much sometimes :)

This is sweet little Isabella.....Cuter than ever!

Hailey and Bella had a good time riding along the wagon......

And Carol, Kevin's mom, did a good job sporting her granny-pack.......

Actually, she was a great help with the girls..... Thanks Carol!

Overall, it was a really fun time with good family, fresh air, laughter, and enjoying more of the simple things in life. I love the time we get to spend with our families and hope we can get together more often. Thanks for making the trip Jeff & Alex. We love you.

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

Happy Birthday My Love!!!
Kevin's Birthday was on October 1st, and from the pictures you can tell he turned 31 (and is hotter than ever)........ So, obviously I am way, way behind on updating our blog..... Sorry. I just wanted Kevin to know how much I love him and can't wait to spend many, many more birthdays with him.......actually, all of them :). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!