Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tour of Seattle - Happy Birthday Ashlee (niece)

What a beautiful weekend in Seattle.....

My sister, Paula, and her little family drove up from Boise to see us in September. My niece, Ashlee, wanted to come and visit Makenzie for her 5th birthday..... as well as do some fun things while they were here. They arrived on Ashlee's birthday, so we were well prepared to show her a good time.

First, she enjoyed some tastey birthday cake made by Makenzie and yours truly. Mmm...Chocolate!!!
Then, Hailey showed her cousin Chad how things are done around our house. Chad fit right in.

Our first visit was the Seattle Aquarium, where we encountered a very large octopus as well as many other interesting creatures.

Hailey gives a good smile even though there are sharks encircling her.

Ashlee and Makenzie then take a nice ride on a great big whale..... j/k, but they thought this picture was pretty cool.

Since it was such a beautiful weekend (as you can tell from the first picture), we decided to go on an Argosy Cruise around the Seattle waterfront. We got the best view at the very front of the cruise ship outside.
Here's my brother-in-law, Jason, and little Chad enjoying the fresh air, perfect mid 70's temperature, and the gorgeous Seattle skyline.

The sights were amazing....

My little family with the beautiful Seattle skyline...

Paula, Jason, Ashlee, and Chad... including the only picture we could get of Paula the whole weekend.

A big bunch of wild sleepy seals just hanging out.

And a massive container ship along with many other interesting finds.

After the cruise, we enjoyed a fresh and tasty seafood dinner at the Crab Pot on the waterfront. Here, they they slap a bib on you, give you a wooden mallet, and throw your whole meal out from a bucket onto the table. There are 3 kinds of crab, all sorts of shell fish, shrimp, potatoes, and sausage. It's sure a messy meal to pick apart and eat with your fingers, but it's delicious and also a fun experience. It's definitely a must-do if you're in Seattle and enjoy fresh seafood.

...The next day, while Kevin and Jason went out golfing, Paula, the kids, and I went to the famous Pikes Place Market to watch the famous fish throwers and taste of the local produce pickings (after driving around downtown for an hour looking for a parking spot...ahh), and then off to the Seattle Science Center for more fun. (Sorry, I forgot the camera for those two...oops!).
Afterwards, we went to the "super dome fountain" by the Space needle. Ashlee had a ton of fun in the water.....Makenzie and the babes were all too sleepy to join in the fun.

Nice pose Ashlee......wait till you see the next one....

Sweet!... :)

We thoroughly enjoyed the local artwork.....

And then off to the Woodland Park Zoo where we saw many fun animals.......

.........and totally wore the girls out!!!

I'm so glad my sister came to visit with her little family. We had such a blast, and we totally enjoyed their company. I hope they enjoyed their little tour of Seattle and come again soon. There's still so much more to see and do.