Thursday, September 18, 2008

".......Do the Puyallup" Wa hooo!!!

We went to the Puyallup Fair with Craig (Kevin's Bro) and Maria (Sister-in-Law). Apparently, it was supposed to be quite the "cooter" fair, but it was huge and we thought it was great. We had a blast on the rides, seeing all of the farm animals (Makenzie became especially attached to a sheep), and visiting all of the vendor booths where, yes, we did buy a Sham-Wow. :) Afterwards, we enjoyed dinner and spending good quality time with family at good ol' Red Robin where Hailey had her first taste of a lemon........I think the pictures speak for themselves. :)
Thanks Craig and Maria.........We had a blast!

1st day of preschool.....again.

Makenzie is going to Little Gems Preschool again this year. She is making lots of new friends, and she loves it.

Bath Time

Okay, so Makenzie was feeling a little sick, but Hailey always has a good time in the bath. She loves it.

My cute girls in the morning :)

Makenzie loves to hold her baby sister first thing every morning. It's really cute!

Makenzie's Swim Lessons

Makenzie has started taking swim lessons at Tiger Moutain Aquatics. She loves the water, her swim teacher, Amy, and especially the flippers. She is really catching on quickly, and can't wait to go back again.